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20 Ways Senior Can Supplement for Retirement

Retirement doesn’t have to be the end of your working career

Whether you choose to work part-time or full-time, working can bring new challenges and rewards even at an older age.

You may enjoy the independence and fulfillment that comes from maintaining a schedule, making new friends through work, or simply keeping your mind alert with job-related activities.

Long retired and want to earn some extra cash before you open that savings account? 

Here are 20 ways you can supplement and make the most of your retirement age.

1. Take Up As A Tour Guide

3.  Become A Freelance Writer

4. Give Uber A Shot

5. Start Gardening As A Profession

6. Teaching can be fun too after retirement!

7. Explore Your Options As A Coach Or Consultant 

13. Opt For Retirement Benefits 

Becoming a tour guide after retirement is a great way of earning that extra buck, while also having the time of your life. Not only do you get to explore different places with all sorts of people, but you also learn new things every single day. 


On top of that, there’s a great chance of earning a bonus income through visitors who may appreciate your company and knowledge a little more than others. 

In the world of freelance writing, the possibilities are endless. It’s never too late to start a career as a freelance writer, making it an attractive source of income for senior citizens. 


You can start your journey as a freelancer right away by signing up on a plethora of freelance platforms online. After this process, you can choose to narrow down the services you offer as a writer. These include the following: 

- Writing mail copies for corporate clients

- Creating and selling your own e-books 

- Managing your writing blog 

- Getting in touch with potential freelance employers


Ride-sharing platforms like Uber are an excellent way to supplement your retirement. These rides provide a unique opportunity to do something productive in your free time, while also earning you a very decent income. 


Given that you meet all the basic requirements of driving safely on the roads, driving an Uber should be a routine business for you. On top of that, if you can manage to maintain a near-perfect rating on the app, you will be rewarded with some hefty bonuses for all your hard work.

If you’re looking for a mental and physical boost after retirement, gardening is the place to be. Professional gardening for retirees puts together all the right ingredients needed for a healthy and productive lifestyle at the age of 55 and above. 


Become an active part of a gardening community and see that extra income flow into your pocket. You can start by becoming a herb or a vegetable gardener, and pick up all the expertise needed to boost agricultural produce. It is your creativity that will take you far from that point on. 

Helping young minds grow with your experience can be really engaging in your late 50s. You are in a position where you can change the lives of your students, and also help yourself grow too. 


Teaching at any level is always a reputable career option, especially at an older age. Becoming a certified teacher might be relatively easy for you if you already have a master’s degree in Education. If not, passing a certification program isn’t too much of a challenge either. 


At the end of the day, you can get your hands on a very handsome income that only increases as your teaching skill gets better and better. 

When you opt to become a professional coach or consultant after retirement, your career starts yet again with fresh legs. If you have expertise in your field, then it is certainly wise to offer consultation services


Once you start the process of hiring new clients, you might even find yourself earning much more than you anticipate. However, do know when to take healthy breaks from work, as sharing your expertise can be a pretty draining task. in touch with them on their toll-free helpline before visiting.

Perhaps the best way of saving money at the age of 55 and older is to opt for retirement benefits. If you are a qualified retiree, availing of Social Security should be pretty straightforward for you. 


Not only will you get a replacement income for yourself and your family, but you can also pick up a good habit of saving every penny that matters. You can learn all about Social Security, and apply for the Social Security program if you are an eligible American worker. 

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For instant results in boosting your retirement income, try to sell your old goods and commodities online. If you know the essentials of professional selling, you will find yourself selling your unused goods in no time. 

Selling stuff online is typically focused on advertising yourself in the best manner possible. This can include putting in detailed product descriptions and reassuring potential buyers to highly consider their purchase from you. 


Knowing your way around the market can be a very handy skill in getting your items to sell faster than others. 

8. Consider Becoming A Yoga Teacher

It is essential to keep yourself fit at an older age to live a long and healthy life. But did you know that you could do just that, and earn some extra bucks along with it too? 


This is precisely what a senior yoga teacher aims to achieve. Teaching yoga is slowly emerging as a popular profession among retirees because of its health benefits, steady income, and the freedom to interact with people of all ages. 


If you are 55 years or older, then teaching yoga is a great option to earn some side income, in a win-win situation for your physical and mental well-being. 

9. Earn Valuable Money As A Transcriptionist

If you like spending time on the internet in your retirement days and need a quick method of earning some supplementary cash, then you will find great fortune in transcription. 


Every working industry needs a transcriptionist at work for them, and with the right set of clients, you could end up earning a very decent income. To become a successful transcriptionist, you just need a fast and error-free typing speed to get you underway.

10. Give Mystery Shopping A Try

Mystery shopping is another quick and effective method of making extra money at the retirement age. It is the ideal pick as a side profession for retirees because of its flexible working hours, socializing opportunities, and easy-to-do assignments. 


A good mystery shopper is someone with great communication and written skills; something that is persistent among senior citizens. Thus, senior-aged people fit the role of a mystery shopper just about perfectly.  

11. Become A Part-time Pet Sitter 

You can now take your love for animals to a whole new level and make a living out of it too. Pet sitting is a surprisingly effective way of supplementing your retirement. 


As a pet-sitter, you can take care of assigned pets as you normally would, take them out for walks, and feed them timely. What’s more, is that the pet-sitting role has pretty decent pay too. On average, a pet sitter can earn up to 30 bucks an hour, which is an absolute bonus for pet lovers.

12. Put Up Your Parking Space For Rent 

Renting out a parking space that you no longer use is an ideal method to generate a steady income, especially after retirement. You can not only earn a pretty decent buck through renting parking spaces, but you can also save enough money for your retirement plan. 


Before you get started, you might want to set up a professional platform like a website that allows you to manage your parking space conveniently. You can also keep tabs on who rents your space out in one place through a website.

14. Apply For A Reverse Mortgage

With reverse mortgage funders extending their age eligibility to senior citizens who are 55 or older, a reverse mortgage will most likely benefit you and your savings in the long run. In short, a reverse mortgage translates a part of your equity into funds that you can immediately use. 


However, only opt for a reverse mortgage if you are sure of it. You can explore various reverse mortgage strategies like delaying social security, going mortgage-free and much more on relevant reverse mortgage guides. 

15. Get Your Hands On A US National Parks Pass

Ever thought about entering a National Park free of cost? You can do just that by obtaining a US National Parks Pass. This pass can come in handy for senior-aged citizens who visit National Parks more often. 


If you are fond of visiting National Parks across the U.S, obtaining a National Parks Pass from the National Parks Service will allow an entry of up to four adults and children for free in any National Park. 


Additionally, you can also avail a 50% discount in certain National Parks with a senior pass. 

16. Use Public Transport To Save Money 

On average, a retiree spends about 14% of their savings on private transport and vehicles. That does translate to a whole lot of money after retirement. A simple way of trimming the cost of fuel and transport is to start using more public transport. 


An added benefit of public transport is that it allows senior-aged citizens the luxury of being more independent and creative. Retirees can easily opt for carpooling or sharing if they no longer commute to workplaces. Even sharing a cab can prove to be very cost-effective and beneficial for retirees. 

17. Shop At Thrift Shops

At 55 or older, you can double your savings by visiting thrift stores more often. You can avail the same quality of clothing and other essentials at surprisingly cheaper rates. You also won’t be able to tell a new product apart from a used product at a thrift store. 


Another added benefit of shopping at thrift stores is the friendly communities present there. These communities allow senior aged people to freely communicate and befriend fellow aged citizens, and make the most of their shopping experience

18. Make A Budget Plan To Trim Expenses

Are you nearing the age of retirement and need to start saving up? Then you should make a budget plan right away to manage your expenses, and prioritize savings. While it may be tough to give up on your spending habits right away, it is necessary for you to follow a healthier habit of saving more money.


By mapping out the exact income you generate right now, you can trim down certain expenses, and see what can be done differently. For instance, if you are spending more money on restaurants and cuisines, you can start by eating and preparing more meals at home. 

19. Join Social Clubs To Avail Discounts And Benefits

At a certain age of retirement, senior-aged citizens start to feel lonely and left out. About 35 to 40 percent of retirees experience feelings of loneliness immediately after retirement. 


The best way of dealing with this is to join a social club. Several social clubs like The Red Hat Society, AARP, and the National Senior Games offer a wide range of activities for retirees, as well as selected discounts on shopping outlets. 


Take control of your retirement life and maximize savings by joining a social club at your earliest. 

20. Downsize Your House If You Need To

Depending on various factors such as health, personal relationships, and travel expenses, you can downsize your current household to see if that benefits you more in retirement. Downsizing is very similar to reverse mortgages and uses the same terminology of getting some of your property money back. 


It also makes sense to opt for downsizing homes after retirement because of the decreasing expenses with age. Most retirees are content with living a simple lifestyle at an older age, as opposed to spending more money than they would rather save.

Final Words 

Take your imagination for a spin and explore things you can do in retirement. Whether you like to invite people into your home for dinner or dine out, you’ll find the ideas here will give you plenty of different things to do without throwing in the towel on full retirement just yet.

2. Sell Unused Items And Goods Online

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